PRESS RELEASE  11 June 2020
Hospitality group rolls out free wellbeing support across the South West

International advocacy group Healthy Hospo has launched its mental wellbeing support for the hospitality sector in Cornwall, where the impact of COVID-19 is being felt across the county. 1:1 sessions are free to access thanks to a sponsorship partner arrangement with Warners Distillery.

Penryn-based practical stress management expert Craig Fearn is joined by Merlinda Kammerling, a specialist in integrative therapy and NLP practice. This expert team has collaborated to enable Healthy Hospo to provide a broad spectrum of bespoke support where it is needed.

Both experts run successful wellbeing programmes and 1:1 or group support for businesses from their bases in Penryn, Cornwall and North London. Merlinda has a long-standing affinity with the hospitality industry and Craig recently delivered a series of stress-busting webinars for global drinks brand Brown Forman, which owns the Jack Daniels and Chambord brands.

Healthy Hospo is an advocacy group seeking to address the issues of poor mental wellbeing that have long been accepted as de facto to a career in hospitality. The impact of COVID-19 is already being seen across the sector, which has been hit hard, despite the support the government has put in place. In Cornwall the impact is keenly felt, because this is a region that has its heart in food and drink and excels in the entertainment and leisure activity this provides for local residents throughout the year, as well as seasonal tourists. 

Stress support programme for hospitality community is supported by Craig Fearn at Business Mental WellbeingNow, as the trade moves into a summer that faces far more challenges than in recent years, the impact of the stress this creates on business owners and staff, has a chance to be redressed.

“The hospitality industry has been hit really hard by the global lockdown and forced closure of the industry. With uncertainty about reopening the industry, increasing financial stress, and the reduction in human connection, it’s more important than ever that Healthy Hospo works with experts like Craig and Merlinda to provide support for those desperately in need of our help,” says Tim Etherington Judge, Healthy Hospo CEO.

Craig, who has always offered support via online channels has provided his mental wellbeing support and mentoring services 100% online since March when lockdown was announced, and he is delighted to provide support in this way. “Every industry has a duty of care to look after their employees’ physical and mental wellbeing. Across the UK, we’re getting better at acknowledging the impact of poor mental health – but I can see from the businesses so close to me who have been so badly affected by Covid-19 that people are getting used to living with high levels – and continued periods – of stress. The support we are providing via Healthy Hospo is offering essential stress management and self awareness tools at a critical time.”

Merlinda runs a series of workshops, facilitates one-to-one and group therapy for the hospitality sector via her business Me Myself In Mind, and is a former chef herself. “I focus on reducing the impact of stress, the importance of self -awareness and self-care. Hospitality individuals want to seek better ways to manage their mental health day-to-day during this pandemic and deal with issues which need addressing regardless of this adverse time. Members of the hospitality community especially, want to enter  ‘normal life’ in a different way, being more self-aware and resilient towards their stress levels and have the knowledge and resources to help themselves. I am so pleased to work alongside Healthy Hospo and Business Mental Wellbeing and create an opportunity to not only help those in hospitality get through this difficult time, but to also support individuals to get back to their professional and personal life with a stronger and healthier mindset.”

If you are connected to the UK hospitality sector and would like to talk about help for you or your team, register here for your free sessions.