My Story

My name is Craig Fearn MEd BSc Hons PGCE QTLS EMCC (Professional) ABPPP. I have over 15 years’ experience as a mental health and wellbeing mentor and trainer.

I am a senior member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, Principal Practitioner for the Association of Business Psychology and member of The Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals. I am also a qualified teacher with many years of management experience in various industries.

Additionally, I also hold the international gold standard qualifications, ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) and Mental Health First Aid.

Mental health and wellbeing is my specialist area

Having suffered personally from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, stress and Chronic Cluster Headaches, I have an excellent understanding of the challenges faced by those going through the same conditions.

It is my passion to support others. I have personally lived, and still live with, the looming spectre of mental health difficulties, and know first-hand the importance of early intervention.

My training, my experiences, both personal and professional, make me uniquely qualified to help others in providing support through mentoring. Whether student, individual or employee, I can offer a holistic service to both the businesses and individuals.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

– Peter Drucker

Our values:


This is key to the organisations work. It is not about the ‘there, there’ it’s about truly working to understand the thoughts and feelings of our clients.


Working in mental wellbeing requires bravery and challenge the status quo. To say “this isn’t working, let’s change it” and be prepared to think outside the box”.


Holding ourselves to the highest professional standards, making sure our actions always reflect our beliefs regardless of external pressure or agenda.


To create a business culture where people are seen as people, not metrics.


To give people the tools to reclaim their lives