Results Day 2021: Resources for students

Today is Results Day 2021. Across the UK, A-Level, AS Level and BTEC/HND students receive their final results after what can only be described as a tumultuous time of Sixth Form studies. Many students were assessed by tutors, so few exams were sat but this milestone event between school studies and further education is still one of the most stressful days for our young people. 

We’ve compiled a useful list which we hope will offer help if today’s results are not what was expected, or if they cause a change of course for future plans.

As well as UCAS, which is a useful contact point for Clearing and includes a great resource to chat to students who have gone through Clearing themselves, these charities and organisations provide advice on mental health and exam stress. We’ve included URLs and direct links to content where we think it is most useful.

It’s also worth keeping an eye across social media channels as some other fantastic resources will likely be shared today.


Empowering students and members of the university community to look after their own mental health, support others and create change.

Student Minds Website

Link to further resources here.


Link to Students Against Depression Website

Providing a calm environment and the resources to help students living with depression to find a way forward.

What is depression? You may find this explanation here to be helpful.


The Student Space website helps to make it easier for students to find the support that you need during the coronavirus pandemic.

Find the website here


Helpful advice and guidance if a young person is not positive about their future. Prevention of young suicide.

Link to live web chat here


Working 1:1 with students who are struggling with anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

Website link here.

This is our sister company and we keep space free for short-notice consultations during the period of exam results and the start of the new term. Help is at hand.

We support students with 1:1 mentoring throughout the academic year, not just on Results Day 2021. Contact us HERE if you’d like to arrange some mentoring during the holidays, or in September.

Image: Vheath @Unsplash

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