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Employee care Mental Health at Work Workplace Wellbeing has never been more critical. We help organisations set goals and build and nurture a positive workplace culture where people and its business thrives

Corporate wellbeing mentoring, coaching & manifestos


Our digital-first culture means we bring the programme to you, wherever you are


We mentor HR teams and mental health first-aiders with coaching, tools and 1:1 support


Effective culture empowers teams and unlocks growth, we help you get there!


Managing a remote team is challenging, let us help you navigate the hurdles

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Set your Goals, chart your path & embrace rewards

A workplace wellbeing manifesto defines where brand and culture meets people. Business Mental Wellbeing is leading the way in bespoke employee wellness services

Your Workplace Wellness Charter is your manifesto for personal, team and business wellbeing. 

Taking this proactive step and committing to workplace wellbeing enables your C-Suite Team to lead by example. And bespoke tools and resources enable your HR team to work to realistic, measurable goals for employee wellness.

Poor mental health costs the UK up to £45 billion every year. It pays to support employee mental health before a crisis. Proactive prevention and mental wellbeing support costs less and delivers greater ROI than crisis-focused support.

Assessing the impact of Covid-19

Empowering open discussion about mental wellbeing

In 2020 we worked with many business leaders who recognised the toll that sustained stress and sudden workplace changes was having on their teams. 

Stress coaching, wellbeing consultancy, anxiety management and crisis support was available to everyone who asked for it via video, telephone and free-to-access webinars. Our bespoke journaling and sleep hygiene programmes support our ethos that wellbeing is best managed when it works at work and at home and are a proactive complement to the programme. 

We’ve rolled out more nurture programmes for 2021 so we can deliver meaningful, proactive support for everyone who needs us – when they need it the most.

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The bottom line

Wellbeing at work in numbers

63% of the UK’s workforce use holiday to catch up on work. Stress causes 54% of long-term absence. Less than 40% of businesses provide professional mental health support for their people. We believe we all deserve better.

Ways to manage stress
Days for visible results

How It Works


craig is a corporate mental wellbeing expert with years in private practice

Business Goals

Staff wellbeing is an essential business responsibility – we help you get it right

Digital First

Mental wellbeing is not 9-5, so every business needs flexible support

Manage Stress

Help your people feel and perform at their best and reduce the cost of absenteeism

1:1 Support

Coaching to manage depression, anxiety, burnout and workplace stress

MHFA Mentors

mentoring helps volunteer mhfa teams manage additional stress at work

How Business Mental Wellbeing Can Help You

"Craig's coaching has been crucial to my positive recovery," Jen, NHS ICU Nurse

Expert advice to improve attitudes to mental wellbeing across the whole organisation. We identify realistic  solutions and set targets to achieve them.

What if every employee care package included a 1:1 call with a mental health expert? Take a moment to consider the postive impact on your WFH teams.

When an organisation puts workplace and employee wellbeing at the heart of its culture, business thrives. 

Poor mental health reduces productivity and costs businesses every year. But when people are valued and their mental wellbeing is supported – everyone benefits.

Craig Fearn, Founder and Stress Specialist

Our Innovation is your solution

We do not offer a ‘one size fits all’ programme. After more than 15 years in private practice, I have seen the effects of poor attitudes to mental health in the workplace and I understand the benefits of a methodology that focusses on individual need – every time.

Wellbeing Charters

“The stress of 2020 has not gone away because we’re used to different ways of working and living. Prolonged stress triggers burnout – we need to address this,” Craig Fearn

Service and Support

Book a Programme Or Buy some time

In 2020 we added support packages to our programme. If you're not sure what you need start with a block of 1:1 hours for your team

Single sessions

Blocks of 6

Pre-booked & pre-paid for confidentiality, time management & peace of mind

Team sessions

Blocks of 4

Pre-booked for confident time management & bespoke support and senior team 1:1

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Business Mental Wellbeing mentoring programmes are open to all organisations of all sizes.

Yes, we’ve used Zoom since 2019 – and Skype and Teams too, if you prefer.

Principal Practitioner Association of Business Psychology, Senior Member European Mentoring and Coaching Council, Senior Member of the Association for Coaching. MEd. 

Programmes can be completed on desktop, tablet or phone. Resources can be accessed on these devices and 1:1s are via phonecall, or video conferencing (Teams or Zoom).

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